The Huljich family's 84-year-old matriarch is due to square off with her son over a $264,000 mortgage in the High Court next April.

Elizabeth Huljich has filed an application for a summary judgment to force her son Christopher to repay a $264,000 mortgage registered over her St Heliers home.

The case was on the High Court's summary judgment list this morning, where a half-day hearing was scheduled to take place during April next year.

Christopher Huljich last month said the action was being defended and that he considered the claim was misconceived.


The Hujlichs are one of Auckland's richest families and the National Business Review this year assessed their wealth at $125 million.

An affidavit from Elizabeth Huljich said Christopher had approached her to borrow money in 2009, and she agreed to a $700,000 mortgage being raised over properties she owned, including her home.

She said in her affidavit that her son received the proceeds and agreed to meet interest payments, but this year, when she requested the loan be repaid, a $264,000 balance was left outstanding and he denied liability for the remainder.

Elizabeth Huljich's three sons - Paul, Christopher and Michael - teamed up in the 1970s to build Best Corporation, most famous for Top Hat Bacon.

The trio sold out of the smallgoods business in 1998 and diversified into property and technology investments.