Feelings could be running high tonight as One Tree Hill and Greenlane residents living around Cornwall Park meet to talk about a controversial leasehold deal.

The Cornwall Park Trust Board has invited the residents leasing its 110 properties to discuss revisions and the creation of a modern lease, but residents remain upset about big valuation and payment rises, reviewed only every 21 years.

Auckland Council this week released new data on revaluations of 525,000 properties which showed biggest jumps in the Maungakiekie Tamaki area which includes One Tree Hill.

Properties in that area are up an average 44 per cent in value in the last three years, compared to the entire Auckland region, up 33 per cent, the council said.


John Clark, board chairman, invited lessees to tonight's meeting at 6.30pm at the Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club, 126 Market Rd, saying the new lease would be discussed.

The board had feedback on that and Mr Clark has indicated some changes.

Leaseholders whose properties have come up for review under the 21-year structure are paying between around $30,000 and more than $70,000 each for their prime sites around Cornwall Park or across the road from it.

They have expressed shock and dismay at the board's proposals saying it had not moved on the unpalatable 21-year rent review period and that the new lease increased the board's powers and disadvantaged leaseholders by offering them almost no benefits.

The board has taken a $348,284 High Court action against Yong Xin Chen, who abandoned 21 Maungakiekie Ave when her annual rent shot from $8300 to $73,750.

Although that case was heard in May, a decision is yet to be released. Chen told the court she had made improvements to the property, including fixing the roof and swimming pool, renovating the kitchen and bathrooms and improving the flooring.

The court's decision on that case is pending.