Morgan Tait gets a sneak preview of the Air NZ Dreamliner in Seattle before its maiden flight

Seated in the middle of economy with four seats to either side, my view outside the window couldn't be clearer.

Watch: Inside Air NZ's Dreamliner

Air New Zealand has it's first Dreamliner flying into Auckland, traveled to Seattle to preview the plane and attend the Dreamliner opening. Look inside and hear from Air New Zealand what you can expect.

Sure, that "view" happens to be the tarmac at Boeing's Seattle factory for now but I am assured that once we take-off - I will be seeing the same sights as whoever has the window seat.

This is what Air New Zealand had to say about its Boeing 787 Dreamliner before it made its debut.

It's the higher, larger windows on Air New Zealand's 787-9 Dreamliner that make this possible, while also brightening the cabin with more natural daylight.


If I was to need yet more illumination during flight, I can activate a reading light from the tablet-like in-flight entertainment system with a tap of my finger.

Watch - Timelapse: Air NZ makeover

The new Air NZ livery in a timelapse and the unveiling of the new Boeing 787-9 Aircraft at Boeing's Everett factory near Seattle. Courtesy Air New Zealand/YouTube.

I could also easily tap for a steward or to access the vast range of movies, television shows, music - and even Trip Advisor information at my fingertips.

It is clear to see passenger comfort is on the rise with this craft.

Economy Skycouch - the next class up - holds 14 rows of seats that convert (in sets of three) into spacious couches.

Watch: Air NZ gets first Dreamliner

It's become the first airline in the world to receive the new 302-seater 787-9 Dreamliner from the Boeing factory in Seattle. Air New Zealand CFO Rob McDonald says the wait's been worth it. He says Air New Zealand has a significant place in the world, when taking into account the number of passengers on board - and how many kilometres they travel. He says the features and economics that first drew the airline to the aircraft are even more valid than ten years ago.

Deeper than a sofa in your average sitting room, the Skycouch doesn't waste any precious cabin space - but may raise some serious questions about the legitimacy of spooning in public.

Premium Economy provides armchair-esque reclining seats with wide armrests and extendable footrests, whilst Business Economy offers lay-flat seating with memory foam mattress.


Passengers of any class will also note the added touch of novelty wallpaper decorating the bathrooms - with each ergonomically designed (but still cupboard sized) hideaway adorned with a unique design.

# Morgan Tait travelled to Seattle courtesy of Air New Zealand