Technology-savvy Kiwis can now pay their Slingshot broadband bills with Bitcoins after the internet service provider said it would begin accepting the digital currency as a form of payment.

Slingshot general manager Taryn Hamilton said the Bitcoin option would appeal to a small, but passionate user base.

Payment will be taken at the current Bitcoin - NZ dollar exchange rate and the customer's account marked as paid.

"...Just like we did with Global Mode we're always looking to improve our service and offer our customers access to top notch products," Hamilton said.


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Slingshot customers can find the Bitcoin link in the My Account section alongside the more traditional payment options of cash, cheque, bank transfer, and credit card.

The practice is also growing in popularity overseas, with more than 30,000 business and charities - including Virgin Galactic and Wordpress - accepting Bitcoin payments.

"The popularity of Bitcoin continues to rise and you can now even purchase them from Bitcoin ATMs like the one located Inside the Mr Barber shop at 360 Queen Street," Hamilton said.