Radio New Zealand says it will examine whether any systemic problems with Morning Report led to a broadcast it said was defamatory to the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters on Thursday.

Morning Report issued an abject apology on Friday.

Co-host Guyon Espiner interviewed MP Brendan Horan. Horan made allegations against Peters before being asked to substantiate them. Acting chief executive Ken Law said indications were there were no overriding problems leading to the offending broadcast, but RNZ would take a closer look next week.

He said that the settlement with Peters included on-air apologies and a small amount to cover his legal costs. The apology, which was repeated, was read on Radio New Zealand:


"In a live interview with independent MP Brendan Horan on Thursday's Morning Report, Mr Horan made a number of defamatory remarks regarding New Zealand First leader, the Right Honourable Winston Peters. No evidence was provided to substantiate those remarks. The broadcast was a serious departure from Radio New Zealand's editorial standards and should not have been aired. Radio New Zealand deeply regrets what occurred and apologises to Mr Peters," the apology read.