A Tauranga-based business that quickly turns around corporate presentations says it has helped global clients win more than $1 billion of projects.

Right Aligned - started by New Zealander Derrick Waylen in 2004 in the United Kingdom after he left Goldman Sachs - prepares more than 5000 powerpoints and other documents for its clients each year.

The company specialises in turning around these presentations overnight so they are in a client's in-box the next morning.

Right Aligned's local director Phil Waylen said the company had 11 workers in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa who remotely log-in to prepare the presentations. Having workers spread around different parts of the world lets the company meet the needs of clients in different time zones.


A typical documents takes Right Aligned around 90 minutes to 2 hours.

"We know that since 2004, we've helped our clients win or deliver over $1 billion of projects just by supplying them with well-designed documents that ultimately strengthen their brands," Waylen said.

More than 90 per cent of Right Aligned's business was with clients outside New Zealand, with the majority of the company's work coming out of the United States.

"We're just slowly trying to get a New Zealand toehold," he said.

The company ultimately hopes to establish an office in the US to tap into the demand from that market.