I have an important question for you.

How many businesses are there in the entire world selling similar products and services at similar prices to the same type of customers as you sell to?

Obviously there are a lot!

Now, how many of these businesses are getting better sales results than you are right now? The answer again is yes there would be a lot.


If these business who sell the same type of products and services as you do, to similar types of customers at similar prices are getting better sales results it only means one thing.

They have a better way of doing some part of what they do. It could be a better way of making a sales presentation, getting repeat sales, getting referral business, resolving customer concerns. These people may have a better way of lead generation, a better way of getting customers to trust them or a better way of doing something. If you want the sales to improve in your business your responsibility is to spend a bit of time each week looking for one or more of these better ways.

Because when you find it and implement it your sales will increase. And often dramatically.

Here are some 'better way' examples to get you thinking...

How can I make my product or service seem a lot more attractive to my prospects?

When you come up with answers to this question you can often change dramatically the way you sell.

A company marketing a home cleaning service was struggling. They thought they were marketing a service that would come in and clean your home. All their competitors were marketing the same service.

When they asked themselves how we can make our service more attractive they came up with a new idea. Now they were offering a service that allowed the customers who used their service to have a lot more free time. They started explaining this new idea to busy business people. And their sales exploded.


How can I eliminate some of the common objections customers give us for not buying our products and services?

A company selling training programmes on video got the common objection "Our people don't want to spend time watching a video screen." So they got the customers who did buy a seminar to write a letter commenting on the video part of the seminar. They all said that being on video made it interesting and fun to attend the seminar.

They then showed these letters in every presentation and never had the objection again. And their sales went up dramatically.

How can I reduce my buyer's fear of making a mistake when buying my products or services?

A business offered a commercial pest control service (insects, rats, fleas) for restaurants and hotels.

They added a unique guarantee to their service.

Firstly if the hotel or restaurant lost a booking because of a problem with pests the pest control company would pay for that lost booking. If the hotel or restaurant was ever closed down by a health inspector for a pest problem the pest control company would reimburse them for any lost revenue they might have had.

The guarantee went on to cover 10 other points.

This pest control company is twice as expensive as anyone else in their field. They also have 80 per cent market share in every area they go into.

Best of all they have a simple insurance policy that covers them for any money they might have to pay out. What they have done is dramatically reduce the customer's fear of paying for their pest control service and it not working.

There is often a 'better way' to market your business. The trick is to spend some time each month and look for it.

"There's always room for improvement, you know-it's the biggest room in the house." - Louise Heath Leber

Action Step: What are some 'better ways' you could do things in the key areas of lead generation, sales conversion, repeat and referral sales?