The Supply Drop is building a business to help men shop for socks, undies and shaving gear, so their mothers or girlfriends don't have to.

Launched in August, the online start-up was targeted to young professionals who had no time or desire to shop for their own supplies.

The Supply Drop's market research, based on 115 males, showed more than half only replaced underwear and socks once bits of skin poked through. Eighty per cent said they wore underwear or socks which were more than three years old.

Co-founder and marketing director Ben Bonifant said there was a tight-profit margin on retailed male underwear. "Guys currently pay about $30 for boxers, $25 if they're lucky. Ours would be just as good but half the price."


The team was liaising with a contact in China to see whether this would be feasible.

The name was chosen because Bonifant liked the army analogy.

"There's men in dire need of underwear, and we're parachuting it to them."

The team is considering whether women would want this service. But Bonifant said most women, unlike men, tend to enjoy shopping.

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