The top pay packets of heads of the state sector have been revealed today, with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade receiving a $40,000 pay rise despite drastic cutbacks at the Ministry.

The highest paid head of any ministry is Mfat head John Allen, who received $620,000-$630,000 this year, up from $580,000-$590,000 last year.

Mr Allen came under scrutiny this year for the major restructuring of Mfat, where the entitlements of some diplomats were cut and embassies were closed in Sweden and Poland.

State Services Commissioner Ian Rennie released the figures today showing the rates of pay of chief executives across the state sector and public service, including government departments, district health boards and universities.


Head of Treasury Gabriel Makhlouf earned $540,000-$549,999 this year, a drop on his predecessor John Whitehead who topped earnings last year on $960,000-$969,999.

Secretary for Education Lesley Longstone received $320,000-$329,000 _ down from the $660,000-$669,000 pay packet her predecessor Karen Sewell received.

The highest paid individual in the public sector is chief executive of the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation Adrian Orr, earning $730,000-$739,000.

Across the Government's 15 ministries and six departments, 16 chief executives received increases in their income.

The average movement in base salary for chief executives in the state services who have held the same position for 12 months or more was 2.7 per cent.

The average base salary increase across the public service was three per cent, although 21 per cent of the chief executives across the wider public sector received no pay increase over the last year.

The report represents actual pay rates in $10,000 bands. This includes any benefit received by the chief executive, such as performance pay and employer contributions to superannuation.

The full report can be found here.