Internal comments from Air New Zealand have revealed some staff take a dim view of the airline's black rebranding.

Threads on the company's KoruNet intranet service showed irritated staff called the national carrier's new livery insane, gloomy and "beyond a joke".

The overhaul from teal to black was announced to staff last month.

Air NZ chief executive Rob Fyfe told staff: "Black is our national colour and it inspires pride in Kiwis."


Employees, who post on KoruNet using first names only, quickly reacted.

Geoff said: "We are not all rugby fanatics! Please give us some sanity in our lives. This rugby thing is getting beyond a joke."

Doug thought adulation of the All Blacks was getting out of hand. "They should go the whole way and put an adidas logo on the tail," he said.

Doug also asked whether an All Black loss at the 2015 Rugby World Cup would trigger another rebranding.

"What is with this obsession with black?" said Catherine.

"There are better ways to get the bank statement back in the black," Ken remarked.

The rebrand on planes appeared to coincide with a compulsory black desktop background for computers, much to Bruce's annoyance.

"It's shameful, gloomy and above all, totally impractical," he said.

Other employees were supportive, or resigned to the overhaul.

Eiao said: "Are we going to look at the background or do what we are paid to do?"

Richard said: "Comments like 'We should have a say' are all well and good, but can you imagine sitting in a room and voting on this?"

An airline spokesman said he didn't know what staff feedback had been like.

"I haven't seen anything on our own internal forums on it."

Fyfe told staff the first re-painted plane would be an ATR72-600 arriving in October.

But he said the plane would be all black, so a new Airbus A320 arriving in June 2013 would be the first with a white body and black tail.