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A prohibition notice has been lifted on Solid Energy's Spring Creek Underground Mine, near Greymouth.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment today lifted a prohibition notice on face development the mine following an injury to a worker.

Following an injury to an employee in the early hours of Wednesday, the mine suspended face work, alerted the Ministry's High Hazards Unit (HHU) and began an investigation of the incident and a review of all relevant operating procedures and job safety checklists relating to development operations at the mine.

Inspectors from the HHU visited the mine later in the day and issued a prohibition on further development. That notice has now been lifted.

A representative of the Canterbury District Health Board this morning said the injured mineworker's condition is "fairly comfortable."

Spring Creek Mine is now back to full operation.

The workforce has been fully employed throughout this period, Solid Energy NZ says.

The mine's main current effort is in developing a new underground resource block and installing the infrastructure needed to mine and transport coal from the new block.