Predictions of chaos and confusion on the roads caused by the give way rule changes have not come to pass, say insurance companies.

AA Insurance said today it had received only a handful of claims that could be attributed to the changes on March 25.

The low volume of claims suggested Kiwis had understood the right of way rule changes and driven more cautiously, said Suzanne Wolton, head of corporate affairs.

"Our observation is that drivers are exercising caution and courtesy at intersections during the first two months, with plenty of eye contact and hand and light signals between drivers," she said.


"The handful of claims we received related, for the most part, to driver confusion about how to apply the catchphrase, 'Top of the T goes before me'."

Wolton said these cases involved customers turning from the top of the 'T' being hit on the front driver's side by third parties turning right from the bottom of the intersection.

"The overnight change to New Zealand's give way rules was a big step for all road users but all things considered it seems that, as a driving nation, we have got ourselves sorted out pretty quickly."

State Insurance said it had also seen no jump in claims related to the rule changes.

Spokesperson Denise Bailey said despite a lot of hype prior to the changes, the company had not expected a spike. State had looked at similar rules changes in Victoria in the past and seen they had very little impact on overall claims, Bailey said.