Workers and employer's who have been killed, injured or hurt whilst on the job are being remembered across the world today on International Worker's Memorial Day.

Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson says the day, which falls on April 28 each year was a time for New Zealand workers and employers to reflect on the importance of health and safety on the job.

"This is a time to remember those friends, family and colleagues who didn't come home from work and to reflect on the role we all must play in ensuring our workplaces are safe."

"Too many New Zealanders are harmed or killed at work. There were 41 deaths reported to the Labour Department last year and hundreds of people were seriously injured. The financial cost to New Zealand's economy is estimated to be in excess of $1 billion a year," she said.

Ms Wilkinson said plans were being developed for industries with high numbers of work place deaths and injuries. These include the construction, forestry, manufacturing and agriculture sectors.