The Rugby World Cup party is over but tournament sponsor ANZ National Bank is arguing to keep its logo flying atop a prominent building overlooking the former waterfront fanzone.

The bank was given dispensation from Auckland Council bylaws under the major events' provisions to have signs on the former Auckland Harbour Board building for the period of its tournament sponsorship.

However, the bank now wants its name and lotus flower logo on the sides of the building's highest point and architectural feature - its glass-clad plant room.

Dispensation from the billboard bylaw for this was declined on Friday by council hearings' commissioners Les Simmons and Conway Stewart.


A report said the sign-clutter-conscious council would have rejected the original bid if it had not enjoyed the protection of the major event provision. The signage was inappropriate for that waterfront location.

The bank was not in the building and already had a naming sign on its headquarters building in Albert St.

This could be seen from a large area, including the North Shore.

The bank also had a billboard across the facade of the St James Theatre in Queen St.

It was suggested in the report that the bank signage was part of a city-wide branding campaign which would trigger requests from others and spoil the city's looks.

Companies pay up to $250,000 a year for "naming rights" on prominent office blocks.

Planning consultant Karl Cook said the bank wondered why it had to make a billboard application for a naming sign of less than 50sq m.

The waterfront building had a naming sign previously for Hewlett-Packard.


Mr Cook said few commercial buildings meant there ought to be no concerns about an opening of the signage floodgates.