More jobs are being advertised, but there is less competition for them and fatter pay packets on offer, giving job seekers the upper hand in the employment market, job website Trade Me says.

Analysis of 39,000 jobs on Trade Me between April and June, showed listings were up 27 per cent on the same period last year, boosted by a 65 per cent increase in employers seeking workers in Canterbury.

Head of Trade Me jobs Peter Ashby said the pendulum had swung in favour of the job seeker once again.

Jobs in the trades and services sector have more than doubled from a year ago, while listings the construction and architecture sectors were up four-fold.

Ashby said continued solid growth in the New Zealand market could dent the exodus to Australia.

"While wages are higher across the Tasman, job listings are down significantly on a year ago over there and this may help us hold on to some of those people considering leaving New Zealand," he said.

Ashby said he expected demand to increase for jobs including IT specialists, environmental and building services engineers and senior marketing and communications managers - where it was more difficult to attractive candidates.

"This will mean employers will be forced to offer higher wages to keep their best and brightest," he said.