Mobile company 2degrees has decided to rejoin industry group the Telecommunications Carriers' Forum (TCF), 13 months after it pulled out of the body which it viewed as largely controlled by Telecom, Vodafone and TelstraClear.

Bryony Hilless, head of corporate communications at 2degrees, said that as the company worked to look after its investment and customers it had thought it was time to rejoin the TCF so it could contribute effectively to the organisation.

At the same time the TCF was looking into the issues that had led to 2degrees pulling out of the organisation in the first place, Ms Hilless said.

TCF chief executive David Stone said the decision by 2degrees to rejoin the TCF meant all major telecommunications companies were now members.

The TCF was formed in 2002, and its members worked to develop key industry standards and the codes of practice that underpinned the digital economy, he said.

The TCF now had 13 members and he expected more parties to become members once the Government's ultrafast broadband initiative was implemented.