A local businessman has been revealed as the top bureaucrat of Auckland's new 'Supercity' council.

He is Doug McKay, who has held senior roles at Carter Holt Harvey, Lion Nathan, Goodman Fielder.

He was also CEO of Sealord and Independent Liquor but has no experience in local government or political roles.

McKay, 54, has been appointed chief executive of the new Auckland supercity council.

He will take up the role on August 1 and his contract runs until June 29, 2012.

McKay, an Aucklander, has described the role as "hugely challenging, exciting and unique".

"The work of councils touch on the lives of people in some way every day," he said.

"This is a large project which has some very challenging timelines but I am confident that these will be met. We want this city to be an even better place to live, work, and play and I'm looking forward to working with council staff and elected members in delivering great results for the people of Auckland," McKay said.

ATA executive chairman Mark Ford said McKay was an outstanding candidate for the role.

"His background in customer service, driving results-focused organisations, managing performance and leading staff through periods of change will be invaluable as the new council begins and develops," Ford said.