Key Points:

Helicopter pilots heading out to emergencies across the US state of Texas will soon be working with kiwi-made instrumentation.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has chosen New Zealand company Flightcell International to supply satellite-based communication and tracking systems for their new Eurocopter helicopters.

The Texas DPS has expanded its aircraft fleet over the past six months with the addition of five new AS350 and one new EC145 supplied by American Eurocopter.

The Flightcell DZM systems provide the Department with comms throughout the State.

Flightcell's advanced adaptive position reporting system will allow these helicopters to be tracked continuously, enhancing safety and operational management.

"We were able to use the helicopters' satellite communication capabilities during the last hurricane season when other means of contact with the aircrews had been limited due to storm damage", said Assistant Chief Pilot John Brannon.

"The installation of dial-up satellite voice and tracking on our aircraft will enable us to use our aircraft more efficiently, and provide an increased margin of safety".

"We are honoured to be chosen by Texas DPS. These installations build on our existing strong presence in the public safety and air rescue sector in New Zealand, Australia and North America," said John Wyllie, president of Nelson-based Flightcell International.

About Flightcell International

New Zealand company Flightcell International is a leading provider of satellite voice and data communication and tracking systems for commercial, public safety and military operators.

Flightcell Systems have been installed on a wide range of rotary and fixed wing aircraft types on all continents, from the poles to the equator.