Departing Blackjacks coach Dave Edwards will take a lot of pride in his team's success at the World Bowls Championships as he prepares for a major career change over the holiday period.

Edwards is celebrating his team's haul of seven medals (two gold, one silver and four bronze) from the just-completed tournament in Christchurch as he gets ready to move across the Tasman and take up a new coaching role at a Queensland club.

His decade-long tenure as coach of the national side came to an end with singles player Shannon McIlroy's gold medal triumph yesterday.

"It is a fantastic and a very emotional finish to the tournament for me and the end of my tenure as Bowls NZ national coach," Edwards told Radio Sport.


"[It was a] hugely emotional moment when Shannon got that final point to get him across the line.

"I'm very delighted, very happy with the overall result for sure."

McIlroy's success carries extra weight given that Edwards has had such a big impact on McIlroy's career.

"Shannon is based in Nelson where I am and we have worked together a lot in the build-up to this event and over a long period now," Edwards explained.

"The big shift for Shannon was the mental shift. He worked very closely with John Quinn our mental skills coach, who is one hell of an asset to our organization. He has worked very closely with John on overcoming just a few little mental barriers he had around self-belief and confidence levels. We all knew Shannon had the ability with the bowl in his hands but he just had to believe that.

"He has overcome that hurdle now.

"I think the world is his oyster now."

With replacements already named in former Blackjacks players Sharon Sims and Peter Bellis, Edwards is comfortable with his decision now that it has become a reality.

"I think the timing is right for a fresh voice and fresh ideas for the group now. I am very confident that I am leaving the group in incredibly good hands in Sharon Sims and Peter Bellis is going to stay involved as well. There is a bit of continuity there but also a fresh voice for the players.

"I am really confident going forward that things are in excellent hands with Sharon and Pete and I have made the right decision."

When he reflects on his long time at the helm of the side Edwards says the biggest achievements came at the World Championships and also points out the success at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

"On the green 2008 World Championships was a huge success but the freshest memory is this [2016 World Bowls Championships] one. Jo Edwards winning the singles title at Glasgow in 2014 is another major highlight.

"The key thing I am really proud of is the culture change. We became one team - the organization used to be run separately with a women's team and a men's team - but we brought them together and I worked really hard on the culture of the team.

"I am a great believer of if you have a good culture the wins will come."