Don Brash has just finished writing a book evaluating his successes and failures.

As a former Reserve Bank governor, a former National Party leader and a former Act Party leader, he has no shortage of material to work with.

The book also canvasses some of his pet subjects such as China.

He has a chapter on religion - his father was a lay moderator in the Presbyterian Church - and a chapter on drug policy - he famously hijacked his own law and order policy announcement as Act leader in 2011 by saying his personal view was that marijuana use should be decriminalised, despite never having used it.


The book, Incredible Luck, will be out in March or April.

Dr Brash told the Herald that among the mistakes in his life were standing for Act in 2011, having previously led National to near victory in 2005, and unsuccessfully standing in East Coast Bays in 1980.

"I have had three bouts of politics in my lifetime and that is at least one time too many," Dr Brash said.

He also writes about his marriages.

"That's in my failure section. I've not one broken marriage but two."

As well as writing and taking up the banking chairmanship, he is spending a lot of time working on his kiwifruit orchard in Pukekohe.