The mother of murdered and tortured 3-year-old Nia Glassie was shocked when a decision to release her on parole was revoked, the Parole Board has revealed.

The board today released the reasons why it it last month changed its mind on an earlier decision to allow Lisa Kuka to leave prison on parole.

She was due for release on April 7.

Kuka, 40, was said to be shocked by the revocation of the release direction and there had been two misconduct incidents since, the board said.


The board held a hearing on April 4 as required after a release direction is revoked.

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In its decision, it said that Kuka was granted parole with one condition being that she lived in approved accommodation.

However, it came to light that there were problems with the accommodation.

"It is apparent from the information we have been given that Community Probation were not fully informed of the circumstances prevailing at the residence or the number of occupants," the board said.

"This and the revocation of the release direction came as a shock to Ms Kuka and there have been two misconducts. While they may not be at the most serious end of the scale and while they have been dealt with without interruption to the Release to Work placement, they are of concern. Also of concern has been a report from the prison about Ms Kuka's mood management since the revocation."

13 Feb, 2014 4:57pm
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Nia Glassie, the 3-year-old toddler who was subjected to horrific abuse by her extended family.
Nia Glassie, the 3-year-old toddler who was subjected to horrific abuse by her extended family.

The board said it was not satisfied on the issue of risk and while it acknowledged it was a significant setback for Kuka, she needed to take time to re-establish her release proposals and become "refocused".

The board said it would see Kuka again in September.

Justice Potter sums up case against the accused (edited) in the Nia Glassie murder trial before sending the jury out to decide.

Kuka started her nine-year sentence for the manslaughter of her daughter on February 4, 2009.

Her then partner, Wiremu Curtis, and his brother Michael were sentenced to life imprisonment for the little girl's murder.

Nia died on August 3, 2007, from head injuries after being repeatedly kicked.

She had been subjected to ongoing abuse, usually when her mother was out at work, including being put in a clothes dryer, hung on a clothesline and spun around, used in wrestling moves, having objects thrown at her and being subjected to cold baths.

Murder convictions handed down following a month-long trial over the violent death of Rotorua toddler Nia Glassie, the guilty verdicts were handed down to brothers Wiremu Curtis, 19, and Michael Curtis, 22, as well as the guilty verdict for the charge of manslaughter against Nia's mother, Lisa Kuka, 35.

Kuka did not take Nia to hospital, and was found guilty of manslaughter on the basis she failed in her duties as a parent protect her and provide care.