I, among many, use the sports fields behind the Wesley Community Centre on Sandringham Rd Extension. As you go into the main driveway by the community centre, there are quite obvious yellow dotted lines painted on the driveway on the left-hand side by the kerb. I always thought these indicated a no-parking zone but others seem to think differently, as there seems to be a continuous line of cars parked there. I would have thought, with the number of children around, this wasn't overly safe. Whose responsibility is it to monitor this illegal parking - the council's or the NZ Transport Agency? Dave Ferguson, Henderson.

This is a thorny issue, but hopefully some resolution is close.

The Herald reported in November that Auckland's parks are the responsibility of Auckland Council, and there are bylaws controlling their usage, including parking. However, Auckland Council does not employ parking wardens; Auckland Transport does, but AT has no jurisdiction over parks.

There was a move late last year for the council to use AT's parking wardens in parks. It was suggested that costs and any revenue from fines could be split between the two bodies.


Some councillors baulked at this, as they felt that the prospect of a fine would deter young people and parents from using the parks for sports and family gatherings.

The original idea was to stop commuters taking advantage of free and unrestricted parking in the city parks close to bus and train stations.

Parking restrictions already exist in Myers Park, Dove-Myer Robinson Park (the Parnell Rose Gardens) and Pt Erin Park. The decision to extend parking restrictions in parks has now gone to the parks, recreation and heritage forum for consideration.

At the Greville Rd roundabout, if you are in the right-hand lane, the road marking indicates that you can exit to Albany Expressway across the left-hand lane. This means the left-hand lane has to exit or give way to the existing car from the right-hand lane heading to the Albany Expressway. Is this correct? Normally in a roundabout you should be in the left-hand lane to exit. Colin McLean, Auckland.

I was a little confused by your question, so I went for a look. It appeared to me that from the motorway offramp, the two left-hand lanes allow a vehicle to proceed around the roundabout to the Albany Expressway, with the lane on the right also allowing traffic to go around the roundabout further and exit at Greville Rd. If I have understood your question correctly, Mr McLean, there should be no confusion.