At the exit of Valley Rd at the junction of Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, is the right-hand lane for right turn only or is there an option to go straight ahead? Part of the arrow is obliterated and needs to be made clearer. Anne Parsons, Pakuranga.

You're right, the marking does need to be made clearer. It was always my understanding, from the old markings, that you could go straight ahead from both Valley Rd lanes into Walters Rd, or turn right into Dominion Rd from the right-hand lane. However, there is really only room for one lane of traffic at this point in Walters Rd, so the prudent driver would treat the right-hand lane out of Valley Rd as right turn only.

At the entrance to the Mission Bay carpark there was a sculpture in memory of the Walsh Brothers. The symbolic bird suspended between three poles has been taken down for some reason. What has happened to it? It is some months since it was removed - when will it return? Walt Beanland, Kohimarama, and John Paull, Ponsonby.

The work, called Manurewa, or flying bird, by Maori artist Fred Graham, was named after the Walsh brothers' homemade plane, which made the first successful powered flight in New Zealand in 1911. The titanium sculpture, which has a wingspan of 6m, was installed in Selwyn Reserve in 2007. It was removed for repair in January. Members of the Orakei Local Board are presently considering options for the sculpture's future location at Mission Bay. (Source: Our Auckland).


Which Auckland movie theatres will be projecting The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at the new special frame rate? Tony Cooper, Auckland.

The new digital high frame rate of 48 frames per second (instead of the more common 24 frames per second) will be available in 3D at the following Auckland cinemas from midnight on December 12: Event cinemas at Albany, Highland Park, Manukau, Newmarket, Queen St, St Lukes, West City and Westgate, and at all Hoyts cinemas. If there are other cinemas doing the same, please let me know.

Is the Council or the contractor planning to replace the 6km/4km bronze marker that was removed when they worked on the footpath near Kelly Tarltons? The markers are great (thank you Rotary), very useful for runners, cyclists and those on a good walk and I would hate to see it lost or adorning some shelf in an office. Carol Boyle, St Heliers.

The marker was replaced in October, as you've probably noticed.

Correction: My assertion that car speedometers are more likely to be correct than roadside speed sensors was wrong. It is not uncommon for speedometers to show a 5-7 per cent error on the low side. Manufacturers err on the side of caution. New Zealand law only states the odometer be accurate, not the speedometer.