Q: The Beaumont/Fanshawe Sts intersection does not permit a right turn into Fanshawe St from Beaumont St (moving towards the city) and has been so for many months. Can you explain why as I can't see any obvious explanation for it to remain?

Wayne Knight, Freemans Bay.

A very timely question. The right-turn bans will be lifted on the weekend of October 6-7, to coincide, happily, with the reopening of the Wellington St onramp on October 8.

Q: There is a lookout off Goodwood Drive in Manukau Heights known as Silkwood Heights. This is a remarkable place to look out over Auckland, the Manukau Harbour, Manukau Heads, airport, Rangitoto, Drury Hills etc. On maps an access road is shown, but this is not the case. For over two years the gate has been locked, denying access to vehicles. To walk up to the lookout means having to leave your car parked on Goodwood Drive, probably illegally. The lookout is kept pristine, with adequate rubbish bins (empty), some seating, and the grass is immaculate. Obviously a lot of council money and labour is being used there. I want to know why council don't provide access during the day, and lock the gate at night. I have been there several times lately to walk my dog, and have never seen another person, apart from the joggers and others going through Totara Park, which is behind the lookout.


Pam de Lacey, Manukau.

The Totara Park lookout was subject to increasing vandalism and antisocial behaviour and in 2008 local residents approached the council. Together they agreed to tackle the situation by limiting vehicle access to the lookout. This has proven successful and people continue to use the park on foot.

The council plans to review this arrangement next year, in consultation with neighbours and the local board. My correspondent has been invited to be part of this process.

Q: In some suburban areas with a 50km/h speed limit there are double yellow lines down the centre of the road, eg, Te Atatu South Rd between Royal View Rd and Vera Rd.

Sometimes vehicles cross the double yellow lines to enter a driveway on the opposite side of the road. Is this permitted? It does hold up traffic and does not appear safe when this is a very busy four-lane road. A better option is to go to the roundabout on the corner of Te Atatu South Rd and Edmonton Rd, and approach the address from the same side of the road. What are the rules on this practice?
Gerry Heta, Te Atatu South.

Vehicles may cross double yellow lines to access driveways and side roads. As you suggest, driving to the roundabout and doubling back is probably the safer option.