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A 20-year old semiliterate Afghan woman has taken on the Indian Army after being ditched by one of its officers who married her under false pretences during a posting in her home town of Kabul three years ago.

Sabra Khan's persistence has resulted in a preliminary military court ruling that Major Chandrasekhar Pant of the Army Medical Corps be charged with bigamy and converting to Islam without prior official permission.

"I don't want him back in my life," Khan said. "He tried to buy me out of the marriage. I threw the offer back at him, telling him that money cannot buy my love or my forgiveness.

"Now I want him punished."

The 40-year old Indian officer married Khan after he offered to convert from a Hindu to a Muslim, changing his name to Himmat Khan.

But just a fortnight after the wedding Pant returned home, claiming to have been recalled by the Army. Six months later he called Khan and suggested she remarry as he already had a wife and two children.

Khan travelled to the small hill town of Pithoragarh in the Himalayas where Pant worked and confronted him. He offered her money but she turned it down, choosing instead to fight for justice.