Fancy getting the ultimate revenge on a pesky ex this Valentine's Day?

Well now you can, thanks to a US zoo's online Valentine's Day event, where punters can name a cockroach after their ex and let it be devoured by animals.

According to TV station KTSM, El Paso Zoo in Texas started the Quit Bugging Me event last year, and it's set to repeat this Valentine's Day.

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The event went viral in 2019, even becoming a joke on the popular Saturday Night Live, KTSM reports.

This year, animals from all over the zoo, including meerkats, monkeys, and a variety of birds will take part in the event, eating the creepy-crawly exes' namesakes.

Wondering who else will get cockroaches? Here's the full schedule for February 14, 15, & 16! Who are you excited to see munch down on some crunchy roaches?

Posted by El Paso Zoo on Tuesday, 28 January 2020

The event is part of a three-day anti-Valentine's Day promotion that runs until February 16.

Submission forms will soon open on the website where you can enter the name of your ex. There's no fee to submit a name, but the El Paso Zoo says they always appreciate a donation.