These seal pups are thriving despite the odds.

They were born in the aftermath of last year's 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura quake, when a massive landslide came down on the country's largest fur seal breeding colony at Ohau Pt.

Part of their seaside home was destroyed, including the Ohau Stream waterfall where seals were often found.

More than 100 seals have died since the quake, mostly due to rockfall or natural causes. But the colony of 2000 seals has proved remarkably resilient.


Department of Conservation staff predicted with their habitat destroyed the mammals could migrate elsewhere - but many resettled on boulders just up the road. The quake generation is now almost one year old and the pups are thriving.

A number were also determined to settle in sites that were being rebuilt after the quake. Helicopters had to be sent in to herd them away from construction zones each morning while work continued on rebuilding State Highway 1.