A family have been left horrified after finding out their vet lied about euthanising their sick dog, and instead gave him to an employee to take home.

Dr George Menez, from New Jersey, has since been charged with animal cruelty after keeping the elderly miniature pinscher who had been scheduled to be put to sleep.

According to metro.co.uk, the dog was suffering from Cushing's Disease and said to be in constant pain, prompting the family to make the heart-breaking decision to have 15-year-old Caesar euthanised.

Dr Menez called the family several hours after they had said their goodbyes and told them Caesar was now "at peace".


Instead he has been accused of giving Caeser to an employee to take home, where the sick dog languished for the next five months.

Caesar's owners reportedly found out their pet was still alive by way of an anonymous message which claimed the dog was alive and living with a clinic employee who believed they could nurse the animal back to health.

While Police said Caesar was returned to his owners in high spirits, showing no signs of ill health, his owners have claimed otherwise.

Sadly, Caesar was put to rest last Monday after consultation with a different veterinary clinic.