Warning - Explicit language

A UK nurse was terrified after a lockdown-flouting neighbour spat on her car and verbally abused her.

Sophia Shearman was subjected to a vile tirade of abuse after she dobbed in her neighbour Trevor Noakes for breaking lockdown rules.

In a disturbing incident caught on camera, Noakes was seen coughing and spitting on Shearman's car before hurling abuse at the 40-year-old nurse from the street.


After spluttering over her car, which is used to travel to work at a GP surgery in Birmingham, Noakes was heard shouting "Come on, you're nothing but a f***ing clown.

"Get back in your flea-ridden flat with your flea-ridden f****g dogs and mind your own business and f**k off.

"You're nothing but a waste of f*****g space.

He then coughs and spits on her car door handle again, before screaming; "Coughing over your f****g handle.

"Yeah, take a f****g picture."

She caught her neighbour's expletive-laden rant on camera. Photo Sophia Shearman
She caught her neighbour's expletive-laden rant on camera. Photo Sophia Shearman

Noakes then kicks Shearman's car before heading back to his house.

The 48-year-old's verbal attack happened while Shearman's two young children, one of whom is disabled, were inside.

The attack happened on April 15.


Shearman told the Sun there were further incidents after the initial abuse which left her "shaking like a leaf".

"I just wanted to warn people about the dangers of why flouting lockdown rules is so serious. I've seen first-hand how this virus is killing people.

"The abuse was terrifying and I was made to feel so bad, even being told I was spreading Covid-19 because of my work as a nurse."

Noakes was sentenced to 10 weeks' jail, suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay $617 compensation.

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