An Australian firefighter, away from his family for 11 days fighting the country's devastating bush fires, was greeted by his daughters and the heartwarming moment was caught on video.

Brooke Munro posted the video of her husband Colin to Instagram, writing: "It's been 11 long days since we last saw him. Fighting these blasted fires since late November."

She added " This clip says it all. #hugafirie"

The short clip shows the Munro's excited daughters crying tears of joy as their father returns home, screaming "Daddy! Daddy!" as he drives his truck into the driveway of the family home.


They run to embrace their father, who scoops them up, saying "hello my wonderful daughters".

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The video generated thousands of views online and was broadcast on Australian TV.

Viewers commended Munro for his service and labelled the video "so beautiful".

The video proved to be a tearjerker for many, with users saying it left them "absolutely bawling".

The video also shows the family dog greeting the exhausted firefighter, and it was the much-loved pet's reaction that really tipped some people over the edge.

"I was already tearing up and then the dog came in and I was finished," wrote one.

"And the doggo! Thank you to this brave dad and his understanding family," wrote another.


Volunteer firefighters have battled horrific conditions across Australia during this bush fire season with the infernos claiming 26 lives, including four firefighters.