The Royal Meteorological Society has announced the winner of its Weather Photographer of the Year award, with lightning strikes and billowing storms among the top entries.

Some two dozen images were included among the winners and shortlisted entries, ranging from snow-covered trees backed by the Northern Lights to huge waves crashing into a lighthouse at sunrise.

The overall prize went to Gareth Mon Jones for his image of a cloud inversion filling the valley beneath him in Snowdonia, Wales.

Liz Bentley, the chief executive of the RMS, praised the "quality and quantity of outstanding images" submitted for the 2019 competition.


"The photographs speak volumes about our obsession in the weather – capturing its beauty, its power and its fragility in the face of human activity."

More than 5700 images from around the world were submitted by 2000 photographers for the competition.

Storms were a popular subject this year, with lightning strikes and supercell weather systems making multiple appearances.