A news reporter in the US has been left red-faced after making an insensitive comment while delivering the news about the death of a man following a pursuit.

Earlier this week Californian news station KTLA5 reported from outside a police station, where news came through a man had died.

But unfortunately for the news anchor, her live cross left viewers stunned.

Taking to air, she said: "We tried to reach out to the man who died in this pursuit. They were unavailable for comment. Back to you."


The reporter has since been slammed for her comments, with many labelling the news segment as "disrespectful" and "unprofessional".

Oops! Photo / KTLA5
Oops! Photo / KTLA5

The clip has since been shared on Twitter and has received more than 3000 likes and retweets.

Others chimed in with their own response, poking fun at the news anchor.