The Chinese air force has ramped up its combat rhetoric in its latest propaganda video, with pilots warning enemies in English and top brass stressing the need for crisis mode.

The four-minute video was posted on the Ministry of National Defence's website on Wednesday and begins with two J-20 stealth fighters taking off from an unidentified airbase.

At least three missile-carrying J-11 jets are then shown make low passes and various aerobatics at sea.

After that, a pilot shouts in English: "This is the PLA Air Force speaking. You are about to enter Chinese airspace. Leave immediately. Leave immediately."


The video also features members of an elite brigade called the "Eagles of Liaoning province", a frequent winner of PLA Air Force competitions.

Brigade member Bai Long, a J-20 fighter pilot, says the team have a higher calling.

"Winning over enemies is more important than winning competitions," Bai says.

Also featured is Wang Hai, a 93-year-old combat veteran from the Korean war, who encourages air force personnel to fear nothing during combat.

"You cannot do anything if you are not brave enough. You can't be a pilot if you fear death," Wang says.

Wang Yongtong, a brigade commander, is also quoted as saying that the Chinese air force is using war games to strengthen its combat readiness.

"We will meticulously prepare for war and improve our combat capacity to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and interests," he says.

The video's release comes just a few weeks before China marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic with a massive military parade showcasing its military weapons.


It also underlines China's increasingly assertive efforts to defend its interests.

On Wednesday, China hit out at Canada for sending a warship to traverse the Taiwan Strait.

And in late July, South Korea claimd that two Chinese warplanes entered South Korea's air defence identification zone, a claimed denied by the Chinese foreign ministry.

And in late January, a Chinese surveillance plane crossed the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea via the Tsushima Strait, prompting the Japanese air self-defense force to scramble fighter jets.

- South China Morning Post