Warning: Distressing content

An Australian woman who was raped by her half brother has watched in court as her own parents supported her rapist as he was convicted for his vile crimes.

The brave 28-year-old woman was attacked by the man when she was just 14, after he invited her to his home for a "house party".

When she arrived, she found just her brother - who was 21 at the time - and his housemate.


He plied her with alcohol and marijuana before raping her when she passed out.

When she woke the next morning, naked and in pain, she was violated again.

She was still unaware of the rape until her brother callously handed her $20 for the morning-after pill.

The man then called his older sister and shared his worry that his victim might be pregnant, claiming that she led him on by asking him to "teach her how to have sex" so she would be prepared for future partners, reports the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

The woman told police about the assaults two years later but was talked into withdrawing the allegations by her father.

A decade later she defied her father to take the complaint back to police and finally found justice last week when her attacker was sentenced to eight years in jail at the Brisbane Supreme Court.

She suffered fresh trauma in court as her parents chose to support her rapist, ignoring her as they spent hours with him in the foyer of the court, laughing and joking.

As her brother was hauled away to start his sentence, her parents cried and hugged each other, refusing to acknowledge their daughter.


The judge noted that the man had shown no remorse and his decision to go to trial had retraumatised his victim.

"What is terribly significant to my mind is the effect of your behaviour on the complainant," Justice Douglas said.

"She grew up in fear and difficulties in normal relationships.

"She is worried about not being the mother she could have been because of the demons you left her with."


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