A convicted paedophile in the US state of Florida has been allegedly drowned in a jail toilet by a fellow prisoner, a convicted murderer.

David Oseas Ramirez, 56, who was serving a life sentence for molesting an 11-year-old girl in 2013, was found dead in his cell last week at Duval County Jail in Jacksonville.

A 43-year-old man who is already serving a life sentence for murder has been arrested over the death.

The Florida Times-Union reports Paul Dixon was re-booked on a new murder charge following the fatal beating, which occurred while the pair were sharing a cell.


Authorities say Dixon had been brought to the Duval County Jail from another facility for court proceedings in a new sentencing hearing. He is serving 25 years for a 1993 murder that occurred when he was 17.

USA Today reported that following the beating, Dixon drowned Ramirez in the cell's toilet.

The cause of death has yet to be determined by authorities.

Convicted child sex abuser David Oseas Ramirez was drowned in a toilet. Photo / Supplied
Convicted child sex abuser David Oseas Ramirez was drowned in a toilet. Photo / Supplied

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office released a statement on the killing: "On July 30, 2019, around 11am, detectives were notified of a death that took place on the fifth floor of the Pre-Trial Detention Facility located at 500E Adams Street.

"The fifth floor is divided into two sides, east and west. This incident took place on Five East. The inmates that are housed on Five East are all sentenced and awaiting transfers to state prison or have returned for court proceedings.

"Homicide detectives are investigating a death in one of these cells. Foul play is suspected in reference to this death.

"An altercation took place between the victim and his cellmate.

"Once correctional officers were made aware of the victim's injury, a medical team was contacted and responded within two minutes."


Crime and safety analyst Ken Jefferson told Newsweek: "When men go to jail accused, convicted of hurting a child, there is no peace in jail. They have to constantly watch over their back. They have to hope they can befriend someone to look out for them. To protect them."

Following the attack Dixon declined to speak to detectives and asked for a lawyer.

- Additional reporting, AP