A South Korean man who pretended to be blind for eight years has been caught.

Busan Yeonje police station arrested the man after his neighbour saw him driving a car.

They revealed that "he was caught by one of his neighbours, who believed he was blind." The neighbour then reported him to a Korean anti-corruption agency.

He is suspected of misrepresenting himself as a person with level one visual impairment, the most serious level, reports Korean media.


Police have suspected that he received 118 million won ($152,939 NZD) in benefits for his fake impairment between 2010 and 2018.

The suspect's phone also had a video of him driving on a motorway, police revealed.

The Korean man did have an eye disease, but he only needed to wear glasses as the condition did not impair his vision.

Police have stated that the suspect has admitted to faking blindness to receive benefits.