A US university student is still missing after taking a Lyft ride-share from the airport, police have said.

Mackenzie Lueck, 23, landed in Utah at 1am from California on June 17, the same day she disappeared, authorities added.

Shortly after landing at the Salt Lake City International Airport, she texted her parents to tell them she had arrived before using the ride-sharing app Lyft, according to the Salt Lake Police Department.

After three days of not hearing from their daughter, on June 20 her parents reported her missing, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.


The 23-year-old's Lyft driver, who has been co-operating with the case, continued the shift after dropping off Lueck in North Salt Lake and picked up other ride-share users.

One of Lueck's sorority sisters said that the student doesn't live there and she has "no idea why she would request to go to the North Salt Lake area".

According to a Facebook page dedicated to finding the young student, her roommates claim that Lueck never arrived at her home near Utah University campus and her car hasn't moved. Her phone has also been disconnected and she didn't show up to work or exams, they added.

Lueck, 23, has been missing for over a week after taking a Lyft ride-share. Photo / Facebook
Lueck, 23, has been missing for over a week after taking a Lyft ride-share. Photo / Facebook

Currently, police are investigating her disappearance but have not searched her Lyft destination as there is no evidence she stayed there according to Brandon Shearer from the Salt Lake City Police. "We don't have anyone searching any particular area right now because we don't have any credible evidence of where she might be."

Shearer also revealed that there's nothing to suggest she's in danger "other than the fact she hasn't been heard from".

Ride-sharing apps have fallen under increasing review after several sexual assaults by drivers have been reported. In April, a University of South Carolina student was killed after getting into a car that she'd mistaken as her Uber ride, inspiring a campaign that encourages riders to ask drivers to state the passenger's name.