If you have an intense fear of spiders, now would be the time to turn away.

Residents in a Brazilian state have witnessed what some might feel to be an incredible sight - while others would find themselves paralysed with terror.

Video footage shows large clusters of spiders over Minas Gerais - a large inland state in southeastern Brazil.

Locals have described seeing the skies "raining spiders'', while experts say it is simply something that is typical in the region when it is hot and humid - the spiders form a huge temporary collective web.


In a video posted online, local man João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca's shock is evident.

"Caramba!'' he says.

People from around the world have shared the footage and expressed their own shock at the phenomenon.

Some have been quick to share just how much they are scared of the creepy crawlies.

While others have likened it to a scene of the 1990 black comedy horror film Arachnophobia - whose title is taken from the word that means the extreme and irrational fear of spiders.

The movie, directed by Frank Marshall, is based on a foreign spider finding its way to a small town in America and which then creates a species of deadly arachnids.

The plot takes a dark turn when residents in the town start to die after being bitten by spiders.