Disgusting texts reveal how a former Arizona schoolteacher accused having sex with a 13-year-old student allegedly enticed him into sexual assaults, according to a new police report.

Brittany Zamora, a 27-year-old sixth-grade teacher at Las Brisas Academy Elementary School, was arrested in March after a child's parents discovered explicit text messages and nude photos of his teacher on his phone.

Documents obtained by KPNX show that the 27-year-old Zamora created a classroom chat called "Class Craft" where she asked students to text her because she would be absent and bored.

Teacher Brittany married Daniel Zamora, who she knew since she was 16, in 2015. Photo / Supplied
Teacher Brittany married Daniel Zamora, who she knew since she was 16, in 2015. Photo / Supplied

The victim told detectives that messages between his teacher and himself became "really intense" as the pair started flirting with each other. The boy said he was unsure how their relationship escalated.


Zamora, who is married, started sending the boy inappropriate message including "OMG, I love you," prompting him to respond in the same way transcripts reveal.

"Omg lol you're so cute baby," Zamora wrote in another message. "I wish you could've stayed after with me."

"Me too," the teen replied. "I wish I could just hang out with you whenever we wanted."

The teen admitted to police that he had at least four sexual encounters between February and March with his teacher, including oral sex in Zamora's classroom after a talent show and intercourse in her car.

The pair also exchanged naked photos, he told investigators.

Zamora would also call the teen in the middle of the night and met him on two occasions to perform sex acts on him in her car, he alleged.

The boy's parents told police they started to notice their son acting oddly, leading them to install a parental control app on his mobile phone that later alerted them to inappropriate messages between the pair, KPNX reports.

The teen's parents then confronted him about the messages before he admitted having sex with Zamora, according to the police reports.

Three female students also wrote a letter to the school's principal after they noticed "issues" between the teen and Zamora.

Zamora is arrested. Photo / Supplied
Zamora is arrested. Photo / Supplied

Principal Tim Dickey has since acknowledged to detectives that he only spoke to one of the students realised his mistake on not following up.

The boy's parents alleged the first sexual encounter between their son and Zamora took place on February 16, or nine days after the three students wrote to school officials about the alleged relationship, according to KPNX.

In one recorded phone call between Zamora and the teen's parents, the teacher apologised and said she would resign her position at the school. She was also unable to give the teen's parents a firm answer as to why the alleged sex assaults took place.

"I ask myself the same question," Zamora replied, police reports show. "I just got really close after I think everything went down and we're like, 'How could that happen?' … We just got close."

Zamora remains in custody at a Maricopa County jail after pleading not guilty to multiple charges, including felony sexual conduct with a minor and molesting a child.

Zamora also pleaded with the teen's parents during that recorded call, telling them she didn't want to be in the news because of the allegations, KPNX reports.

"I don't want to say stuff and have me recorded right not and bring this to court and have me go to jail for the rest of my life," Zamora said.