Dashcam footage has filmed a horror brawl between two tradesmen and a 74-year-old man during a road rage incident in Brisbane.

The video, obtained by 9 News, shows two men dressed in high-vis workwear jump out of their vehicle before going head-to-head with Leslie Nangle who was driving a Porsche.

The incident occurred in the middle of the road at Lawnton in Brisbane, news.com.au reports.

The footage shows the two tradesmen repeatedly hit Mr Nangle, who eventually falls to the ground.


The incident, according to Mr Nangle and a witness, started on Gympie road when he cut in front of the ute while turning.

Prior to the attack, the footage shows the ute playing cat and mouse with the Porsche before blocking the vehicle from changing lanes.

The vision shows two tradies going toe-to-toe with an elderly man. Photo / Channel 9
The vision shows two tradies going toe-to-toe with an elderly man. Photo / Channel 9

"They both jumped in, I done my best to defend myself," Mr Nangle, who received seven stitches following the brawl, told 9 News.

"There was no other reason for them to come out and at me like that but to attack me and I knew what was coming so I fronted up.

"Everybody's getting angrier and angrier about everything."

The two tradesmen allegedly claimed they had done nothing wrong, and that they were only acting in self defence.

"If someone's coming at you, trying to grab me, what are you going to do?" one of tradies, Dale Reigos, said.

"He's putting my life in danger, Brent's life in danger, I didn't want it to turn out like that at all."

Brent Leitner, the other tradesman in the video, said they never stopped to attack the man.

"We stopped to ask him why the hell did you do that?"