Two firefighters from Australia who were helping the US Forest Service in Washington state have been shot at by hunters.

The August 23 attack has led to demands for higher security for Australians assisting the United States in emergency situations.

Close to 80 Australians have flown to help the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management since July, the Daily Mail reports.

Forty-two firefighters had been sent to White Pass ski resort in Oregon in August after a fire spread eight square kilometres.


Daniel Barwick, a Rural Fire Service volunteer who was awarded a National Medal for protect the Lake George area in Canberra, was one of the two Australians attacked, according to Fairfax Media.

The other firefighter is believed to work for Fire and Rescue.

The publication reported that the hunters chased the group across a ridge even though they were told they were going into a restricted area.

The four found cover and were airlifted out of danger.

Two hunters were arrested and charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for the attack on the two firefighters and the two local officers, according to the publication.

All Australian crews managed by the National Resource Sharing Centre have come back to Australia.

2 Aug, 2018 1:26pm
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The publication reported that there was concern that if Australia knew about what happened that there would be calls to withdraw Australians from the line of duty.

However guarantees of safety from U.S. authorities led to the group staying.

'We are aware of the incident which occurred in August involving one of our firefighters, and we are happy the matter was dealt with by authorities in country,' an RFS spokesperson told the publication.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Fire and Rescue, RFS, U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Foreign Affairs for comment.