A US man jailed after the shooting slaying of his parents, planned to "wipe out the virus and get the money for life."

Worried about their son's drug use, Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin were poised to sell up their company, stop financially supporting him, and cut him out of their will.

They were killed before they could do it.

Their son, Kyle Navin was jailed on Friday for 55 years for their murders.


The Connecticut man told a judge in Superior Court that he had no statement to make before his sentencing because he didn't want to be a "show pony for the media."

Navin pleaded guilty in April to two counts of murder just before his trial was set to begin in the shooting slayings of Jeffrey and Jeannette Navin, of Easton, who went missing on August 4, 2015.

Jennifer Valiante, the girlfriend of Kyle Navin. Photo / Supplied
Jennifer Valiante, the girlfriend of Kyle Navin. Photo / Supplied

The couple was found dead more than two months later in a wooded area of Weston. Both had been fatally shot with a .40-caliber handgun.

Court documents indicated they were upset about their son's behaviour and drug use, and planned to sell the garbage company they operated and cut him out of their wills.

In an April plea hearing, prosecutors indicated they had planned to present text messages exchanged between Navin and his girlfriend, Jennifer Valiante, as evidence at the trial. One of them, from Navin, talked about his plan to "wipe out the virus and get the money for life."

The month before his parents disappeared, Kyle Navin texted Valiante saying he had the "perfect plan" that would "solve every single problem and give us a wealthy amazing life," the Hartford Courant reported.

A friend of the parents told the court Jeanette and Jeffrey loved their son and were deeply worried about his drug use.

"We worried together about how they couldn't get Kyle the help he so desperately needed but would not accept," Cheryl Churchill said.


She said in the weeks before his death, Jeffrey Navin wasn't his normal, funny self: "He was so concerned about Kyle he would think of nothing else," she said.

Sentencing Navin, judge Robert Devlin Jr. called Kyle Navin's actions "disgraceful and disgusting," pointing out that since 1986 there have been only 113 cases in the United States of someone accused of killing their mother.

He said it was a "black-hearted crime".

"This idea of a killing by a child of his parents is exceedingly rare, it cuts against the fundamentals of our human condition, you don't kill the people who gave life to you," the judge said.

"One can only imagine the horror of Jeannette Navin when her son pulled a gun on her and shot her as she sat next to him."

The Navins had operated J & J Refuse, a garbage company in Easton. Kyle Navin, who worked for the company, was a heroin addict and wasn't taking his job seriously despite the constant complaints of his parents, according to court documents, CT Post reported.

Kyle Navin. Photo / AP
Kyle Navin. Photo / AP

Kyle Navin shot his mother twice in the chest with his .40-caliber handgun as she sat next to him in the garbage truck. A couple of hours later, he shot his father to death with the same gun in his Bridgeport home.

Devlin asked Nevin if he had anything to say before being sentenced. The defendant replied, "Not publicly your honour." The judge then sentenced Navin to 55 years for each killing. The sentences will run concurrently.

The state did not pursue a charge of murder with special circumstances, which could have led to a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Under the terms of the plea agreement, Navin will not be eligible for parole or early release.

Valiante, has pleaded guilty to hindering prosecution and is facing an eight-year sentence when she returns to court on August 1.