Here's a little free tip for you today: if you get caught by police using your cell phone while driving, don't use the police as any part of the reason why you were on your phone.

A motorist in Melbourne used a rather creative excuse to try to get out of a fine for using a cell phone while driving.

Wyndham Police Service Area posted the bizarre fine to Facebook yesterday, with some very sage advice: "Don't snapchat the police whilst driving".

"I was snapchatting you to my friend because I've never seen police on bikes before," the driver reportedly told the officers.


DON'T SNAPCHAT THE POLICE WHILST DRIVING Wyndham North bicycle patrol has been out & about on the weekend, responding...

Posted by Eyewatch - Wyndham Police Service Area on Sunday, 11 March 2018

"Wyndham North bicycle patrol has been out & about on the weekend, responding to crime, patrolling the streets, shopping precincts and also doing some traffic enforcement," the law enforcement posted.

"Down in the in the Synnot Street area of Werribee, they handed out a sizeable number of mobile phone tickets.

"It would appear everyone has an excuse to 'use' their phone."

Police added that, unsurprisingly, "this one didn't wash" with the officers.

Facebook users got a kick out of the story.

"When you get a closer experience than you bargained for. Never seen them, has now met them," one user commented.

Penalties for using a cell phone while driving in the state of Victoria, where the incident occurred, are four demerit points and a AU$476 fine.