In the midst of the freezing cold, there was some good news - a tiny baby was saved.

This baby was hairy with long ears.

A baby hare, freezing cold, was spotted in heavy snow at Dublin Airport. Reports say she is recovering well.

Storm Emma has battered Britain and Ireland for days.


Dublin Airport released video footage on its Twitter account of the moment that a police officer rescued the hare, showing its fur covered in snow.

The baby has been named Emma after the storm.

The airport wrote: "A special rescue this morning by one of our airport police.

"This little fella was taken to safety and given food and heat. We're happy to report he's safe and well."

The airport said: "Hareport News: the rescued baby hare is getting some TLC with our colleague who found it and his family."

It also had a gender update as well.

"He's a she, they've called her Emma and will release her back into the wild when she's back to full health."

Emma was also pictured with a police dog that was part of the team that rescued her.


The news got better.

Metro says that the rest of her family were reportedly found and also taken in.

They will be released when they have fully recovered and the weather has improved.