A Canadian mum has been sentenced to three years in jail after her seven-year-old son reportedly died because she failed to take him to the doctor.

According to CBC News, Tamara Lovett, 48, was found guilty of criminal negligence causing death in the passing of her son Ryan.

The boy had a strep throat infection and the court ruled he died "an excruciating, unnecessary death".

The mother's "actions resulted in the senseless death of an innocent child who needed her protection," Court of Queen's Bench Justice Kristine Eidsvik said.


The court heard about how, when Ryan fell sick with strep throat, the mother tried to treat him with home remedies, including dandelion tea and oil of oregano, for 10 days before he died.

Doctors testified the boy could have been saved with antibiotics.

Lovett cried as she expressed her remorse in court.

"[I] can't begin to forgive myself," Lovett said. "I hope others learn from my ignorance."

The judge said she did believe the death of her son was already "a severe punishment" but added that her prison sentence was to prevent other parents from failing their children the same way.