2 category hurricane now as it travels up west Florida
4 category hurricane when it came ashore in Florida
5 category hurricane when it tore across the Caribbean
3 consecutive days as a category 5 hurricane, the longest in the satellite era
24 people at least killed in the Caribbean
160 km/h winds, down from a fearsome 297 km/h at one point
209 km/h winds when it came ashore in Florida
640km wide
23 km/h speed
129km extension of hurricane force winds from its centre


2.5m storm surge in Naples
3m storm surge recorded in part of the Florida Keys
4.5m surges expected elsewhere in Florida
6m waves in Havana, Cuba



7 million people in the Southeast were warned to evacuate
6.4 million of those were in Florida alone
160,000 people in Florida stayed in shelters
30,000 people left the Keys
1 million people evacuated in Cuba
17,000 tourists rode out the storm in Varadero, Cuba


4 million homes and businesses across Florida lost power


US$15-$50 billion is insurance computer modelling firm AIR Worldwide's estimated insured losses for Florida
€1.2 billion damage on St Barts and St Martin estimated by French state-owned reinsurance group
70 per cent of homes on St Maarten were damaged or destroyed
90 per cent of cars and buildings damaged on Barbuda
39 buildings collapsed in the Cuban city of Santa Clara


7000 members of the Florida National Guard activated
10,000 guardsmen from elsewhere deployed in the state
500 British soldiers sent to the Caribbean to help local police re-establish security
550 Dutch soldiers in St Maarten by tomorrow
500 French troops on St Martin and St Barts



1 Miami woman went into labour and the birth was guided by phone
1 tornado spun off by Irma destroyed six mobile homes in Palm Bay
3 construction cranes collapsed in the wind
9 arrests for looting in Fort Lauderdale


1000 tonnes of water and 85 tonnes of food along with fuel have been shipped to St Martin and St Barts
1500 emergency shelters set up in St Martin
140 tonnes of electrical equipment to help restore the power supply on St Martin and St Barts
1 British aid ship Mounts Bay landed on Tortola carrying personnel and heavy equipment to fix communications systems and to try to clear airport runways

Some of the damage to the British Virgin Isles, seen from the air. Photo / AP
Some of the damage to the British Virgin Isles, seen from the air. Photo / AP