Snakes are one of the perils of living in Australia, but now a Sunshine Coast father has had a terrifying first-hand experience.

He was tidying up the house when he spotted the reptile slithering in the shadows underneath the cot, and quickly called the experts.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers shared this image on Facebook, but even when you know it's there the snake isn't easy to spot.

"A Little Mountain local was vacuuming his house today when he saw what he thought to be a young brown snake in the [baby's] room! Keeping an eye on the snake he gave us a call and I rushed out," said a snake catcher called Max.


He found slippery little sucker lurking between the nappy box and the wall.

Initially, the father believed the snake could be an eastern brown, which is fast moving, aggressive, and the world's second most venomous snake.

Once he got there, he realised the culprit was actually a mildly venomous yellow-faced whip snake, which can leave a nasty swelling if it strikes.

Still, a snake is a snake, and your child's bed is not a good place to find one.

It comes just a few weeks after an office worker made headlines for successfully wrangling a python out of an edit suite at Channel Nine in Darwin.

"My first suggestion to get rid of it was to burn the place down but no one else went for it," tweeted news director Kate Limon.

She said her first instinct was to turn to the internet for help.

"I was googling (a snake catcher) to call ASAP but turns out our program manager is a wildlife warrior," she said.

"She lives on a property and wasn't scared at all.

"In her bloody floral dress and heels - she put us all to shame."