There's no such thing as bad "covfefe".

President Trump has proved he has not lost his sense of humour in office, challenging his audience to figure out what on earth "covfefe" means after his tweet sparked an internet firestorm.

"Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"???" Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning local time after his mystery tweet sent the internet into meltdown. His original tweet had also been deleted from his account.

It came after his earlier message sent just after midnight on Tuesday where the President tweeted: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe," in what was likely the beginning of a now-typical Twitter blast directed at the media.

Trump's original #covfefe tweet went viral within minutes. Photo / Twitter
Trump's original #covfefe tweet went viral within minutes. Photo / Twitter

However no follow up was forthcoming and the unexplained message was retweeted 45,000 times in 45 minutes with speculation he had been left alone in the White House, or his phone had been snatched off him mid-140 characters.

In any case, the response from the Twitterati was swift, and brutal.

"OH MY GOD YOU DRUNK IDIOT" was the first reply from 'joke' twitter account @bdgrabinski, swiftly followed by "didn't they say your lawyers were handling all your tweets".

His attack continued across more than 15 missives in an hour, some counting how long Trump's tweet had been left up, others expressing concern that Trump might have nobody checking on him.

"You OK Donald?" asked one respondent.

As others entered the fray, it seemed the Tweet was staying put. And gaining force.

Within half an hour, #covfefe had its own hashtag and Twitter handle.

Labour leader Andrew Little even got in on the action.


Others were wondering how to use the word correctly.

And then just giving it a shot anyway.

Meanwhile, the memes were gathering force.

And the President was proving his every word. even the typos, can pull a crowd.

Let's just hope whatever #covfefe is, it's not catching.

Braggadocious? Bigly? They've got nothing on Trump's #covfefe.