For the second day in a row, Melania has left Donald hanging.

The president and first lady were filmed getting off Air Force One after landing at Rome's Fiumicino Airport airport on Tuesday afternoon.

As they stood at the top of the stairs, Trump reached down to grab Melania's hand, according to Daily Mail.

However, the first lady was too quick for the president, and pulled her hand away before he had a chance to get his on it.


Trump's hand lingered at his wife's side for a few agonizing moments, and he even extended his fingers out seemingly in an attempt to catch her eye, but it was to no avail.

Snubbed, he then placed his hand on Melania's backside and attempted to steer her down the stairs.

The awkward encounter was the second in as many days, after video emerged Monday of when the first couple touched down in Tel Aviv.

A short clip showed Trump clearly reach out to his wife, who was walking a step behind him, and try to grab her hand.

But Melania slapped her hubbie's hand away without even breaking stride or showing any sort of emotion.

Trump then continued to walk ahead with Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.

It was unclear if this unexpected resistance was the result of any personal turmoil.

Melania Trump slapped President Trump's hand away when they arrived in Tel Aviv. Source: Chicago CBS

with his wife as they left Tel Aviv on Monday night.


Video showed the first lady as she wrapped two of her fingers around one of her husband's fingers for a few seconds while leading him towards their awaiting helicopter.

She also got involved in a four-way handshake with the Netanyahus as they posed for a press photo.