THE teenage parents who were separated from their baby after sneaking the infant out of hospital and camping out at the weekend have been briefly reunited with the little girl.

Jayden Lavender, 14, and his partner Jenifer Morrison, 15, have spent the last five days apart from little Aria, and feared they would never see her again.

The young parents told Sydney's 7 News they burst into tears when they were allowed to visit her this week at an unspecified location.

Although the reunion was brief, it gave them hope of a more permanent one in the near future.


Jayden said: " [It] definitely brought a smile to my face, I haven't been able to smile properly in a couple days ... I know it's definitely brought a smile to her face and she started crying as soon as we literally saw her she started breaking down."

He said Aria was happy and healthy, and growing well, 7 News reported.

Their brief reunion has come as details emerge of Jayden's mother Tracey Lavender will face a western Sydney court on Thursday on a string of stealing charges. Her former partner - and Jayden's father - Adam Taranto is also in trouble with the law after he failed to appear in court after allegations he breached an AVO.

A warrant has reportedly been issued for his arrest.

Police have said the couple would face no charges over the incident last week where they left Nepean Hospital with Aria hidden under a grey blanket.

They came forward with her after a desperate appeal by police and Aria was returned to hospital. Soon after she was discharged - and a hospital spokesman would not provide more details about where to.

Before they were reunited, Jayden and Jenifer had both said they didn't know where Aria was.

"I just want to know if my daughter is OK, I'm her father, it's crushed me now knowing she is not at the hospital," Jayden said at the weekend.

"Jenny has been crying all day."

Jayden said he had been awake when a fire was lit by an unknown arsonist at their Mt Druitt home around 12am on Friday because he had been "crying all night".

"Somebody came and lit fire to our house, I was in the lounge room ... I saw somebody on the ground looking through my door, so I went to the window and they started running with the petrol," he said. "They poured the petrol and then they lit it and it went bang, everything went up.

"There were flames coming underneath the door, it was a petrol fire and I'm putting it out with water."

Jayden said while he and Jenny appreciated all the kind words they had received from some community members, there were also others who had also threatened him.

"I appreciate what people are doing for us, but there are those people who are saying if they see me on the streets they say they are going to bash me," he told The Daily Telegraph.